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Ever wonder what we do with all the work we accumulate as we test and develop our processes while exploring new ideas? Well so do we. We decided to make it available to you our fans. Help support our next big project while owning a one of a kind item that helped us get there

Official Count

The results are in, Liberty is 3041.12 feet long. Liberty received it’s official measurement while in Hayfork, Ca at the Saint Francis Festival. Thank you to Greg Lowden for measuring Vibrant Protest: Liberty.

Dharma Trading Co.

Inez just got back from her business trip to Northern California making preparations for Liberty at the Saint Francis Festival in Hayfork, CA. While there Inez also had the opportunity to visit our friends at Dharma. We love you Dharma!

Make your own Vibrant Protest.

To help support our Vibrant Protest: Liberty and help you make your own we are selling !00% domestic cotton, Made in America tie-dye t-shirts.
These shirts were dyed with the same dye and process used to make Liberty, each shirt is hand tied and died, many by Inez herself.
Help us with our Vibrant Protest and make a unique statement of your own.

The Official Unofficial Count

The results are in and the official unofficial length of Liberty is 2,945 ft. 6.5 in. long and 5 ft. 6 in. high.
Unsurprisingly the fabric did shrink a little through the dying process from the 3,153 ft. we started with.
The current official record holder is in Japan with a tie-dye that is 2,739 ft. 5 in. long and 1 meter 3 ft. 3 in. high.


Vibrant Protest is a tie-dye that is 5.5 feet tall by 3041.12 feet long holding the Guinness World Record. It is a protest to raise awareness about the social, political and economic environment that has destroyed the Cotton Textile industry of the United States over the past 30 years. Vibrant Protest is the design and vision of artist Inez Harwood; a project realized in collaboration with fellow artist Jerel Harwood.

The Project

This project began with a search for a piece of fabric that was large enough to break the world record, sourcing the fabric led our artist to discover several surprising facts about the American cotton industry. First, that finding cotton fabric that is made in the United States is not easy. Second, ... (read more)



In September of 2004 while driving home from a vacation in eastern Oregon Inez, Jerel and their two children were in an accident. The Family Sport Utility Vehicle ended up rolling on the highway over 3 times ... (read more)


Grey Forest Studio, LLC

Who is Grey Forest Studio, LLC? The Harwood’s have been married since 1998 giving them the experience of fifteen years of teamwork. The Harwoods started Grey Forest Studio, LLC in 2011 with a dream to follow in the career footprints of artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude... (read more)

The Story of Liberty

As posted earlier we have completed the video detailing the process of creating Vibrant Protest: Liberty.  There have been quite a few people asking about why Inez made this project.  Fox13 here in Utah did a short expose of Liberty on Rinse Day.  To learn more about this Labor of Love we have linked to […]

Grey Forest Studio, LLC. » Fine Art of Tie-Dye – at the Health and Justice Center, Provo, Utah

A preview of Inez’s current show has been posted over at our studio website Grey Forest Studio, LLC. Grey Forest Studio, LLC. » Fine Art of Tie-Dye – at the Health and Justice Center, Provo, Utah. Head on over and check out the work on display.

It has been a bit quiet here at Vibrant Protest

But that doesn’t mean we have been slacking off.  Paperwork does not make for interesting blog posts, and we have been doing our fair share of paperwork as we begin production on our next projects.  We posted a picture of the certificate from Guinness on Facebook, I’m posting an image of it here.  Inez is […]

Liberty at the Saint Francis Festival

We have finally set aside the time to upload the much asked for images of Liberty at the Unseen Arena. These first images are from the remeasure event leading up to the Saint Francis Festival.  Liberty was stretched in a field out in Hayfork where its official measurement was taken.  Vibrant Protest: Liberty is officially […]